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Every Little Bit Helps

In this instance, the little bit I’m referring to is called a “favicon” and its the itty bitty picture that shows up on a browser bar or bookmark along with the URL or the title of the page.  VERY little–sixteen … Continue reading

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More Creative Connections

I’m busy busy busy getting ready for an incredibly creative summer season. We’re gearing up for our annual Dyeing Days that will be occurring from Memorial Day through the first week of June, and then I’ll be at the Lyons … Continue reading

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Both sides now…

Do you remember being a kid (or a college student) and learning in school about how January is named after the two-faced god Janus who looks forward and backward in time? It seems very fitting to me that while working … Continue reading

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I’ve been “phased out” at my day job in town and though it may sound strange to some, I see it as a kind  of liberation and a sharp nudge in the direction of spending more efforts on my own business. In addition … Continue reading

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