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A Poured Epoxy Resin Mosaic Table

Here’s a link to a brand new page with the mosaic table Bryan just finished. There’s a LITTLE bit of polymer clay in this one–but mostly stone and ceramic with crystal glazes. It ended up looking kinda like a game board! … Continue reading

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Guitar Art

Bryan Helm makes audible and visual mosaic art.  Some of his instuments can be used for music. The ones that can not keep a tone are recycled into beautifully encrusted works of art that Senor Gaudy might well have liked. … Continue reading

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Give The Little Lady A Hand

I’ve been working for months now on getting ready for “The Aunt Acid Show” and it’ll be a lot more work to come before we air the first episode. We’re writing the segments, the music, creating the sets, the costumes and … Continue reading

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I’ve been “phased out” at my day job in town and though it may sound strange to some, I see it as a kind  of liberation and a sharp nudge in the direction of spending more efforts on my own business. In addition … Continue reading

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Face to Face

There I was, standing in the aisle at Hobby Lobby looking for the mold making product I needed to locate for my students in the Making Faces And Molds class that I’m presenting today at our local bead store. And … Continue reading

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Reviews: Adapting Quilt Patterns To Polymer Clay

NOW AVAILABLE at! Judith Skinner and Sarajane Helm make it obvious that they not only enjoy working in this versatile mix of media, but also have fun with it…a LOT of fun. Whether you appreciate it purely for the … Continue reading

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Moving Up!

I’ve decided to take the plunge and move this blog onto my own server, where I have more control over the storage and also the options…it means going from the free site to instead—both are free to use, … Continue reading

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