Skinner Blends and More!

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On our PolyMarket Press side of things, work is progressing on new books. In 2010 we will see the debut of two new books from me–
Making Faces, Molds & Forms and The Art of Polymer Clay Masks. Learning a lot more about using programs like  Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign has been keeping me very busy this year, and now I’m focusing on using them to produce new books. I’ve assembled a fabulous array of hundreds of images from polymer clay artists who create masks, and I am looking forward to sharing them all in print.

skinner blend rainbowrainbow skinner blend-completeJudith Skinner is also beginning work on her new book about the Skinner Blend, the variations of it and the many uses it has for polymer clay. There is a tentative publication date set for Fall 2010.   If you are a polymer clay artist who uses this technique and you’d like to submit images for consideration, contact me at Judith is seeking the best that’s out there with high resolution images (300ppi) in a size format to fit within a 9″x7″ pages. Submission deadline is March 2010, which gives you all some time to get pics of your best pieces that make use of the Skinner Blend technique. Contact the email above and I’ll respond with the full information letter.

Images will be edited as needed to fit. Each artist will be credited by name so include that along with information as to the size and listing of all media used.  Since it was first developed and shared with the polymer clay community, artists around the world have been using this color gradation  technique in amazing ways.  Just wait till you see the variety gathered into one great book!


About Sarajane

Sarajane Helm is an author and artist who works in polymer clay, ceramics, textile and digital arts including photography and website design.
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7 Responses to Skinner Blends and More!

  1. Hi Sarah,

    I wanted to say thanks for all that you do with your book publishing efforts in the polymer clay community. I know how monumental a task it is to go from start to completion on these sorts of projects.

    Just wanted to get some clarification on what sort of Skinner Blend photo submissions you are looking for. I am a polymer clay artist and I use Skinner Blends just about every day in the pieces I create. But my main focus is teaching. Last year I came up with a “super speedy” way to make Skinner Blends using, what I’ve coined as the Teardrop Method.

    This method received a very enthusiastic reception when I first shared the idea earlier this year, with everyone at my blog. I’ve linked my name above, to that post if you would like to read through the comments and feedback that came in from a long list of other polymer clay artists, ranging in skill levels from beginner to advanced.

    So my question is, are you looking for photo submissions of finished pieces that were created using the Skinner Blend technique? Or will the book also present information about modified Skinner Blend techniques, such as my Teardrop Method?


    • Sarajane says:

      Hi there Cindy, and you are welcome! I’m sending you the info about submissions, and to answer your question here, she’s looking for variants such as yours and images of finished pieces both. Check your email for the info letter and let me know if there are other questions! Thanks.

  2. laura godler says:

    I’m not clear on what Judith S. has in mind with the skinner blend technique for her upcoming book: just a high resolution of a skinner blend we’ve created
    and/or something made with it? Thanks.

  3. Alice Jenks says:

    The post states a submission date in 2010. Is that correct and the book is done and published? Or was that a typo and it is still upcoming?

    • Sarajane says:

      Hi there Alice! It’s coming along slowly. Judith moved back home to her studio in Arizona and is getting settled in and ready to work on it more soon!

  4. Jeanne says:

    Hi SaraJane, I am an avid PC voyeur! lol. I have seen so many beautiful examples of pieces using the skinner blend. There are explanations of how to make a skinner blend in abundance. I guess I am just slow but I would like to see how to blend is manipulated to be used in projects. Can’t wait to see your new book. Thanks so much!!

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